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No Pills, No Potions, No Products

A weight-loss support program designed for real people, by people who’ve been there. Contact us today to get on the path to a healthier you.


Each client receives a customized meal plan tailored to their likes, dislikes, and schedule. The meal plan can be delivered through an app or in written form.

We also offer prepared meals through Icon. Clients may order one meal or one hundred, with no contract of any kind.


The truth of it is, maintaining mental motivation is the hardest part of making a lifestyle change. Stress, emotional upheaval, schedules–they all impact our use of time and our relationships with food and exercise. That’s why coaching is the most important part of what A Weigh to Lose offers.

During your weekly meeting, we’ll discuss obstacles faced over the last week–and provide concrete suggestions for how to overcome those obstacles moving forward.


Most of our clients know they should be exercising, but many are uncertain where to start. Perhaps mobility is an issue, or perhaps they’re simply not sure how to exercise in a safe, effective manner.

That’s where we come in. We design all exercise programs to meet the individual needs of each client, and we’re here to help those clients stay motivated week after week.

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About Us

A Weigh to Lose was founded by Kim McPherson in 2016. A self-professed yo-yo dieter for years, Kim finally committed to a shift in mindset and subsequently lost over 100 pounds. Today, Kim is committed to helping her clients learn new ways of eating, incorporate healthy movement, and change their attitude surrounding food and movement.

A Weigh to Lose offers one-on-one weight-loss coaching, group coaching, and weight-loss coaching in corporate settings. A Weigh to Lose is also proud to work with physicians and clinics to design programs specific to their patients’ needs.

What our customers say about us

I would highly recommend A Weigh To Lose to anyone that is struggling with weight loss or fitness and nutritional goals. They know first hand how hard it is to lose weight and to stay focused with diet and exercise.  They care about their clients.  It’s not about trying to sell you products. Its about your goals and weight loss journey

Kami K.Conway, AR

Kim’s journey is admirable and her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. Her plan to help you loose the weight you need to, in a healthy and manageable way is geared to each client’s needs and starting point. Love yourself & go call her NOW!

Kelley W.

Kim is great, she breaks it all down and is very encouraging. She is a true cheerleader in her helping people conquer their weight challenges.

Barbara J.