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There are numerous diets and weight loss programs out there.  Some of them are wonderful and some not so much.  A lot of programs claim quick weight loss in a short amount of time or lose a lot of weight fast.  A lot of the companies and individuals promoting these diets and programs can deliver on their promise.  However, at what cost?  In most cases the results are temporary and too restrictive that you can’t follow through for an extended amount of time.  They can also be expensive. Companies and individuals also pitch products that you have to consume meal replacement shakes.

A lot of companies and individuals pitch the meal replacement shakes.  Doing a meal replacement program works and you will loose weight on it granted you follow the program as instructed.  But what happens after you complete the program and hit your weight loss goal?  What happens then?  In a lot of cases you go back to your original lifestyle before you started the program and you eat as you did before on program. When you do this you gain the weight back and if you are like me the cycle of yo-yo dieting continues.  There are maintenance programs that you can follow but it usually entails doing one meal replacement such as breakfast.  The point in all of this once you start a program like this there is the chance you will have to continue it for a long period of time.

Focusing on eating well balanced meals everyday and incorporating an exercise program in to your lifestyle is a great way to loose weight and it is a lifestyle change that is sustainable.  This is the kind of program A Weigh To Lose offers its clients.  There are no products to buy.  Your meal plan consists of grocery store bought food.  We want to offer you a program that fits in to your lifestyle and can allow you to make permanent changing to your eating habits.  This allows you to lose weight and once you reach your goal there aren’t major changes in order to maintain what you have accomplished.

There are a lot of great products out there.  I personally like protein shakes.  They are great for post workout and muscle development.  As I support some of the great products out there on the market I am not interested in selling them to you.  There are plenty of retailers out there that has an array of protein supplements that can appeal to any consumer.

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