The Holidays Are Upon Us

Did you know that the average person can gain 7 to 15 pounds between now and the end of the year?  The reason for this is obvious, it’s food!

At most social and family gatherings this time a year, food is always a staple.  We all love to enjoy the company of family, friends, and even co-workers this time of year.  This is also a busy time of year as well.  During the holidays we tend to be surrounded by food and with being busy we tend to go for food that is convenient. Not only are we surrounded by food, the food is also loaded with calories.

We all love holiday food and we tend to over indulge in the high calorie food.  The average Thanksgiving Meal can range from 3,000 to 4,500 calories.  I would say that the number would be closer to the 4,500 range due to grazing because people will go for seconds or will continually nibble on delicious goodies through out the gathering

It is perfectly fine to enjoy a nice holiday meal but what tends to happen is the food is delicious and we always want more of something we like.

Also during social gatherings we are distracted with enjoying the company of family, friends, and co-workers that we don’t pay attention to the amount of calories we are consuming.

It’s perfectly fine to enjoy all the trimmings of a nice holiday meal.  However, you should prepare for that meal.  Make healthy choices leading up to the meal and the following day and forward.  Be mindful when eating leftovers and remember get some type of physical activity in to help offset some of your caloric intake.

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