Thin Is Not In!

Losing weight means different things for different people.   Personally it means smaller clothes, feeling better, and looking better.  However, that is not all it means to me.  It also means living a more healthy lifestyle and improved self-esteem.  It saddens me to know that my happiness is somewhat dependent on the size and look of my body.  Why has society tied beauty to a number or to vanity for that matter?  The reasons are endless.  I believe we are all beautiful and and unique in our own special way.  However, I do want to be thinner.  I have fought so hard to lose weight and I am continually fighting that battle.  Being thinner is a reward and outcome for me.  As I continually work on my self esteem issues I am learning to let go of my body issues and live my life for me.  Yes, I want to be smaller and yes it will make me happy and that is what I want. That is my own personal decision but it doesn’t define who I am.

Thin is not in, nor it is the most important thing anymore.  Loving yourself for who you are is in.  Living your life to your fullest is what is hip and popular.  Body acceptance is the new way.

I am working on this daily but please don’t beat yourself up because of how you look.  I have done it since I was a teenager and I can promise you, it has gotten me nowhere.  All it has done is damage my self-esteem and made me hate myself even more.

Be yourself and love the skin you are in. -Kim

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